Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Burns Throughout History #5

So, Boudicca. One day I'll write a whole blog about her because she was incredibly awesome. There could also be a great film made about her life, but so far I've only seen crap ones.

Anyhow, in Cassius Dio's text, a speech is ascribed to Boudicca. It was almost certainly made up by Cassisu Dio himself, and it is even more certain that Boudicca never gave this speech. On the other hand, it's pretty burny, so here goes. By the way, it's emperor Nero who she's referring to here, and the speech itself is addressed to the Goddess Andraste.

"Those over whom I rule are Britons, men that know not how to till the soil or ply a trade, but are thoroughly versed in the art of war and hold all things in common, even children and wives, so that the latter possess the same valour as the men. As the queen, then, of such men and of such women, I supplicate and pray thee for victory, preservation of life, and liberty against men insolent, unjust, insatiable, impious, — if, indeed, we ought to term those people men who bathe in warm water, eat artificial dainties, drink unmixed wine, anoint themselves with myrrh, sleep on soft couches with boys for bedfellows, — boys past their prime at that, — and are slaves to a lyre-player and a poor one too. Wherefore may this Mistress Domitia-Nero reign no longer over me or over you men; let the wench sing and lord it over Romans, for they surely deserve to be the slaves of such a woman after having submitted to her so long."


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